Your stories matter

October 2017

‘Recently my husband went from full time to 15 hours, and was then taken ill. Being  an agency worker, he doesn’t get paid if absent. Then the tax credit office told us we had been overpaid…..we have no family able to support us. Please can you help?….

a few days later…

We are absolutely blown away and speechless….when you said it was just to tide us over for a few days…wow!!! It’s so much and when the children helped put it in the cupboard we all just sat there in shock! It’s never been that full. We cried and thanked God…my eldest has taken one of your stickers and put it in her keepsake box…every heartfelt thanks from our contented and full bellies!’

SeptemBer 2017

‘I’m staying at my brother’s as I have no gas or electric at home. He can’t keep me he has helped me as much as he can but he is struggling as well as he doesn’t get paid till Friday…..

a few days later…

Thank you so much for you kind food donation I really don’t know what I would have done with without your help. God Bless….

and a few months later…

‘Where can I drop some food off as you helped me so much when I was stuck and I can now return the favour?’

July 2017

We’re in desperate need of a food parcel, we haven’t eaten for 4 days. I’m pregnant and currently homeless with my partner’.

and after we referred this couple to a support agency
so their need for a parcel could be assessed?…

‘We were referred to you by Base 25. We now have a flat, we were so lucky! Thank you for getting back to us.’